Sugar is the poison of poisons!


Sugar is a horrid and addictive substance. It causes intense itching and inflammation whilst encouraging bad bacteria to flourish and grow. Sugar creates an emotional and mental dependency in a person, particularly the refined type which is toxic in nature. Sugar harms eczema sufferers in multiple ways.  The first is called Glycation. This is where eczema sufferers experience problems shortly after eating something sweet.

These problems can range from anything like intense itching and scratching across the body and face to a surge in body heat almost like a hot flush shooting over you. The skin becomes inflamed and can either dry out or start weeping. All these are problems that set in very quickly after eating something sugary and sweet. Foods like candy, certain processed foods, biscuits, ice creams, cakes, ketchup etc. These snacks and foods cause insulin levels to spike, creating a huge surge of inflammation throughout your body.

This process of Glycation results in wounds not improving and taking longer to heal whilst destroying the skins elastin and collagen levels – two of the major components needed for healthy skin. And it doesn’t just stop there. Sugar is also used in other foods like candy, chocolate, and ice cream. It’s also in sauces, potato-chips/crisps, sausages, marinades, salad dressings and so on! So I always advise reading the label and checking the ingredients list before buying or cooking anything.


Sugar is fuel for yeast infections!


The second problem sugar causes is to the inside of your gut lining.  As the sugars travel down into the intestinal area, a fermentation process referred to as Candida can set in. This is a yeast infection that makes the intestinal wall porous and allows food particles to escape into the blood stream, confusing the immune system into attacking itself.  So if you can imagine this happening on a daily basis every-time you eat food where small particles leak into your blood stream and cause your immune system to flare up – you can find yourself experiencing a constant barrage of itching and painful scratching.

To complicate matters even further when you become stressed the pituitary gland located in the brain floods the body with a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone which doesn’t just weaken the immune system but destroys the good bacteria needed to repair our bodies, creating a double blow to the system.

This is why eczema sufferers tend to experience higher than normal levels of stress in their lives and need to stay as calm as they can.  The constant production of cortisol every-time they become stressed means their skin never really fully heals completely.

So this problem where the cortisol hormone is weakening your immune system, the yeast infection is damaging your intestinal wall and the glycation problem is flaring your skin up each time you eat something sugary, almost makes beating eczema near impossible.  This is why keeping sugar and in-particular refined sugar out your body is important.

Sugar is a powerful and addictive substance. It gives you mood swings when you crave it and makes you irritable when you can’t get it.  Once it’s in your system it’s hard to ween yourself off it without a lot of fuss and effort.  There are alternatives to sugar as with everything else which I will discuss and tell you about on this website.  Check out Substitutions by clicking here.