Mental Health

Why it’s important to be happy as much as possible!


Falling ill can be stressful and feeling stressed can make you unwell.  So it’s a horrid situation to be stuck in when you are suffering with pain from a chronic illness and the stress it’s causing you is actually making your health problems even worse. 

How can something like this happen?  Well, when you feel pain, are upset, or under stress, your brain releases a hormone called Cortisol. Cortisol eeks into your blood-stream and begins destroying the good bacteria you need to fight off illnesses and infections. 

So on the one hand your body is struggling to fight against an illness that has no off button and on the other, your immune system is being weakened because of the discomfort and pain you are in. This is why mental strength and resilience is so important when you’re trying to overcome a serious illness or problem.  

This is why eczema sufferers need a lot of sleep and rest. Your body does most of its healing and repairing while you are resting. You need between 9 to 11 hours of good solid rest/sleep. A good nights sleep can greatly improve your mood and thoughts and help you stay calm under pressure and stress. A positive mood will give you that edge you need when dealing with a tough situation.

You should also explain to others what you are trying to achieve and get them to take some of the pressure off you. Positivity is the key. Listen to music, music is a great way to help you unwind and relax the mind. It gives you time to think and clear your thoughts. You should also avoid caffeine and all electronic products before bedtime. Caffeine is a stimulant that interferes with your sleep cycle as well as all electronic products. Using mobile phones, tablets etc disturb your sleeping pattern because the backlight they emit stimulates your mind and confuses your body clock.

So work at keeping calm and relaxed.  Try to think ahead and remind yourself that should you experience an attack there are things you can do to help yourself control your flare ups.  You can learn how to physically speed up your recovery time so much so that you can reduce flare ups that would normally go on for days into hours and eventually into minutes. Once you get to grips with this and begin putting it into practice things start to become so much better and easier.  Click here to read about Steps for dealing with flare ups