How I control my eczema

How I control my eczema

Its impossible for
disease to exist in an
alkaline environment.
Each Day you should

Alkalise your body’s PH value.

I recommend that you create and put a routine in place. A routine that you can fall back on when things go wrong. A process that you have tried and tested out on yourself multiple times and are comfortable with. This is something I have personally done and it is something I can now fall back on when I experience a flare up. I have learnt how to not just stop my inflammatory breakouts with lightning speed but how to repair and heal the damage they cause my skin too.

Gone are the days when I would experience a flare up and it would take me anything from a few hours to a week to recover from it, just in time for the next one to kick in and start the cycle all over again. It was a constant cycle of pain and suffering. So what did I do to keep my flare ups under control? Well I created a daily routine that I follow every day like clockwork. I begin the day with a small tea-spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with half a mug of luke warm water. This neutralises all the acid that may have built up in my system over the course of the night as I slept. I wait about 30 mins and then Ill have a few slices of cucumber. To activate my digestion with an alkaline based nutrient dense food source. After another 30 minutes I’ll have some porridge made with goats porridge and goats butter and a sprinkle of brown sugar.

For lunch I’ll eat a salad with chicken, something light and healthy packed with anti-inflammatory foods like onion and cucumber etc. I’ll then have a zinc capsule with a few slices of banana. Why, well people with eczema naturally have low levels of zinc and a top up every other day helps. The fats in the banana also help bind to the zinc and make absorbing the zinc more efficient.

Now by staying away from all the histamine high foods and problematic wheat, cows milk and sugary foods during the day each day I keep my system running on a nice clean energy. Energy from clean foods that don’t cause my system to react or become overloaded with toxins. I ensure this is done religiously. I try and eat steamed asparagus and broccoli at least every other day and I live by the mantra that I eat to live – not that I live to eat. I for go all the pleasures that others around me consume without a second thought. So that I am able to know that I can exist and live my life without pain and suffering.

I then finish my day off as I started it, with an Apple Cider Vinegar drink and then head off to bed to get a firm 9 hours of rest. No food or drink after 7pm and I ensure I try to unwind before bed so that my rest is of the highest quality. Eventually with time your gut will repair itself, your flare ups will stop and your skin will repair itself because all the bad bacteria will find itself replaced with the good bacteria.

Just know one thing when you first go through this recovery process your body won’t respond positively. It may break out worse than normal. It may break out aggressively. Your bad bacteria wont like the interference from the good bacteria trying to replace it. Your system will not thank you immediately. But you will have to push through this phase. Get extra rest. Rest as much as u can. Eat cucumber every few hours .. increase your water content and drink apple cider vinegar in smaller doses through the day to neutralise the acidosis build up. Do what works best for you. Everyone will be slightly different. Some people may find mixing a quarter of a teaspoon of bi carb in warm water works better than apple cider vinegar. Eat smaller meals but make sure they are rich in broccoli and greens like asparagus i.e. your Probiotics and your Prebiotics.