Your environment needs to be dust free!


If you can remove your carpet and replace your flooring with a hardwood that’s easy to keep clean and dust free you will benefit from feeling so much more cleaner knowing your environment is dust and dust mite free. Your bed, mattress and pillowcases are the perfect breeding grounds for dust mites and this includes getting rid of any fluffy toys you may have.

You can reduce your Dust Mite levels by doing the following at home.

  • House dust mite proof covers on the pillow cases and mattresses prevent the mites/their faeces reaching your bedding so they cannot build up, but will be washed away each week.
  • Every few days dust surfaces with a damp cloth and vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.
  • Remove or reduce clutter including soft toys.
  • Lower room temperatures and reduce humidity by opening windows

Wear Cotton and ensure bedding is made up of natural fibres or cotton and when washing clothes use a hypoallergenic brand and wash all new clothes before letting the little one wear them.