Help us create a Hypoallergenic Meal & Snack Brand

Eczema sufferers struggle with everything they eat. Their immune systems are not like everyone elses.  Everything they have to eat either contains cheap wheat or cows dairy along with a long list of additives and refined sugar.  All are a big no no when you have severe food allergies and food intolerances.

So help us create the worlds first hypoallergenic meal and snack brand in the market.  Foods that will allow individuals with severe immune disorders eat and drink freely without setting off painful flare ups that leave their skin inflamed, angry and weeping.

Help us make a difference to a child or an adult who has suffered far more than you could imagine and start giving to a cause that affects millions of people across the world and yet unbelievably has not had the attention it deserves or needs.

Help Us Please  : (