Dillons Diet From Birth

Foods Dillon ate from 0 – 36 months old!


By keeping allergens and inflammatory foods out of your body’s system you are less likely to set off new flare ups or aggravate existing ones. The foods listed below give you an insight into the kinds of meals we gave Dillon from birth up until the age of three. There has to be a reason for why any particular food item is ever eaten because what you put into your system will either help you repair your skin or inflame it.



0 – 12 months old


  • Dillon drank breast milk for the first 2 weeks.
  • Low breast milk production required the introduction of powdered baby formula (Cow & Gate) being introduced to top up feeds. 
  • Dillon began to break out into rashes across his joints and face and after several visits to the GP and getting nowhere we contacted a private specialist.  The specialist charged a small fortune for a 15 min consultation and dismissed Dillons symptoms as a common skin rash that would clear up on its own.
  • By the 4th month Dillons skin was leaking and oozing.  So I began googling for help and came across The Dietics Ward at our local hospital.  I explained our situation to the specialist there and she offered to give us 2 free tubs of Neocate LLP.  Neocate LLP is a hypoallergenic baby formula where the proteins are blitzed really fine for easier digestion.  Dillons condition started to improve with-in hours of swapping the cows milk based formula to this hypoallergenic one.
  • We took the new formula to our doctor and got it prescribed on the NHS.  Dillon’s skin was repairing and the itching had reduced drastically. At this stage I was convinced he had eczema despite everything the doctors and specialists were telling me and my wife.  His only meal 6 to 7 times a day was cows based baby formula.  It was the only allergen in his system and once removed his condition improved and repaired immediately.
  • By the 6 month mark we were able to introduce rice porridge into Dillons diet and mixed it with Neocate LLP.
  • By the 8 month mark we began moving him onto a more solid breakfast meal, Rice Krispies softened with Neocate. He loved it.
  • This was followed by the introduction of cucumber sticks and a few banana slices as a snack.
  • Then about 9 months in, we gave him a few apple slices with grapes.  He began itching which made us question both of these and put them on hold.
  • At about the 9 – 10 month mark we began using a Tommee Tippee steamer machine to make Pureed meals for Dillon consisting of vegetables like broccoli, parsnips, sweet potato and mushrooms and the odd bit of chicken.
  • Over the next few months we introduced pureed fruit and more solid fruits such as apple, pear, red and white watermelon cubes.


12 – 24 months old


  • After turning one we began introducing more proteins into Dillons diet like turkey and ham slices from the deli counter.
  • This was followed by homemade purees of curried chicken, potato & pea and cauliflower & cheese.
  • At about the same time period Dillon was introduced too fresh roconut water from real coconuts – not a carton – and Goats milk products like milk, butter and cheese.
  • At the 14 month stage I came across a wheat alternative  – a flour called Tiger Nut flour.  From this flour I made Dillon biscuits and cake.  The biscuits were a hit but the cake was a flop.
  • This was followed up by homemade Tiger Nut flour pancakes – savoury – almost like an Indian parantha with a sweet edge from the Tiger Nut Flour, homemade Tiger Nut flour fritters and homemade Tiger Nut flour bread.
  • At 15 months old Dillon experienced his first pub meal – Jacket potato with peas and grilled chicken breast.
  • Then he had flat bread – made from gram flour.
  • At a year and a half old he had basmati rice with steamed vegetables with homemade Chinese style chicken broth.
  • We then received a letter from the hospital to conduct a tomato test on him aged 18 months – the results came back as negative.
  • Then at about the 21 month mark he had fish – homemade fish pie – with broccoli and sweet potato mash topping.


24 – 36 months old


  • When the tomato result came back negative it opened up a huge door of possibilities. Such as pasta sauces, pizza toppings and so on.  We began with a Waitrose meal called Spanish chicken & Chorizo with herb potato’s. I removed the Chorizo as it’s an acidic aged meat high in histamine.
  • Gluten free pasta and tomato sauce.
  • Over the next few months there were many more firsts which included rice noodles with mushrooms.
  • Goats ice cream.
  • A Carvery made up of Beef/Pork, mash potato made with cows milk and lots of veg.
  • Dates, without the fructose coating.  A fruit I quickly stopped giving after I learnt it was high in sugar naturally.
  • Scrambled eggs – I gave the yolk and white separately in order to see if he was intolerant to the proteins in the egg white like most people are.
  • Mango and pineapple.
  • Kiddylicious veg sticks.
  • A drop of dilute in plain water to change the colour of it.
  • Argave syrup – used to flavour his cookies etc.
  • Agar agar flakes in homemade fruit jelly.
  • Plantain crisps – he wasn’t a fan.
  • Eggless birthday cake.
  • Then around the 31 month mark we opted to introduce gluten free products into his diet – such as Gluten free bread which was toasted and served with goats butter.
  • Followed by Kallo chocolate Rice crackers.
  • Homemade fruit ice lollies.
  • Ella’s kitchen frozen chicken nuggets and cod fish stars.
  • Homemade apple crumble using oats instead of flour.
  • Potato waffles – gluten free.
  • Oat porridge made with goats milk.
  • Homemade chicken curry with basmati rice with peas.
  • Homemade chicken stew with sausage and vegetables.
  • Homemade shepherds pie.
  • Homemade mushroom and cheese burger.
  • Homemade fish fingers and chicken goujons.
  • Homemade gluten free sandwiches.
  • At 3 years old I gave Dillon lactose free milk, lactose free cheese, lactose free yoghurt.
  • And finally Dillons absolute favourite – apple and oat crumble.

As Dillon continues to grow up there will be more and more firsts and challenges round each corner we take.  We try to take everything on board and accept that no 2 days are ever the same.  We are constantly learning from our mistakes and adapting to give him a completely rounded diet that is still filled with the little things children like.

We continuously try to reign in our desires to jump ahead of ourselves and have gotten used to taking things slowly and introducing foods one at a time.  There are so many options you won’t run out of things to try so don’t feel like you have to rush to try everything out there.  Its extra pressure you don’t need to put yourself or your child through.