Acid & Alkaline

If you have to pick a side always pick ALKALINE!

According to the pH scale, food is either acidic or alkaline in content. Foods that are too acidic destroy the good bacteria in your gut. Good bacteria which is needed if the immune system is to function correctly.

With there being somewhere between approximately 300 – 1000 different strains of bacteria in our gut.  These strains that populate our digestive tracts don’t just shape our general health but help regulate our wellbeing as well. The role of this good bacteria is vital to our fundamental existence; so much so that an imbalance can cause major illnesses and health problems.

This delicate environment inside our stomachs is constantly being altered by the ph-levels in the foods we consume – be that in a negative way or in a positive way. This is why it is important for eczema sufferers to focus on building good levels of healthy bacteria in their gut in order to keep their inflammation under control.

When the body is given plenty of alkaline based foods to nourish on, it is able to function at its best, better able to heal itself and remove toxins. The typical western diet however is exceptionally high in acid forming foods i.e. meats, cows dairy, sugar, processed foods etc. These acidic food groups have been treated with high levels of antibiotics and hormones. By consuming excessive amounts of these acid-forming foods the body’s organs become stressed and overworked whilst trying to neutralize the acids in the body.

Eczema is a direct result of this acidic inflammatory problem. So by eating a more alkaline based diet, disease struggles to survive in this alkaline state. By keeping a ratio of 80% alkaline foods in your diet or as near as you can get it, your body’s ability to heal and repair itself increases tenfold.  

You can also benefit greatly from getting the help and advice of a Holistic therapist who can help you understand the food types you should be consuming according to your blood type, including the types of foods you should be pairing together for better synergy and absorption. While our symptoms as eczema sufferers may be similar, our DNA is not, and this is why some foods may be tolerable for one person or classed as an allergen for another.

Eat fresh vegetables and a little fruit if you can manage it and swap wheat for whole grains and oats and try to eat organic grass fed meats. Cut out the sugar including corn and processed foods.

This is why I would again suggest keeping a journal of the foods you consume and how your body responds to those foods. All skin issues, including eczema, are not the same and what works for one may not work for another, therefore a journal is advantageous. Some foods trigger outbreaks and knowing what the triggers are will get you closer to the root cause of being able to fix your body’s immune system and populating it with good bacteria.

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