About Me

My Journey so far

As Dillons father I have spent over three decades searching for a way to cure my eczema. I began as a teenager in the mid 90’s with Homeopathic medicine that left me bed ridden for 6 months. I then moved onto Chinese herbal therapy in the 2000s which caused damaged to my liver from all the banned illegal herbs they were using. In addition, if you add in all the powerful steroid creams, pills, healing magnets and urine therapy you really begin to get an idea of how desperate my situation really was.

All the countless hours I spent making myself ill led me to ultimately understand one key thing in the end. This was that there is no cure for eczema but you can control your symptoms and anyone who tells you anything different is lying to you to profit from your pain.

I’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to

This is why I have made all the information on this website free. Everything I have read, learnt and used to help control my sons and my condition is inside these pages. I won’t make money off anyone’s misery and I won’t profit from people’s pain. I’ve been ripped off countless times over the years – so I know how it feels. The sad truth is when you’re desperate you’ll try anything, no matter what it is or the cost.

So from here on in, the only thing I will guarantee you is that if you do everything you read on this website correctly you will see a huge difference in your condition. I can’t promise you a 100% U-turn but you will see significant improvements. It’s taken me nearly 5 years to learn everything I now know. Will it take you that long? The answer is, ‘No, nowhere near”. I’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to and will show you a way to control your symptoms which for now is as good as finding a cure itself.