About Dillon

Dillon’s eczema condition made me want to understand it even more!

I created this website because my son Dillon had developed all the tell-tale signs of having eczema on his face & joints shortly after being born on the 5th May 2016.

As his father who had also suffered from severe Atopic Eczema most of his life, was this to be my worst nightmare? My answer would be, “Yes”.

The last thing I wanted was for my son’s life to mirror the pain and suffering I had experienced during my own childhood and adulthood. So as I helplessly watched my son’s condition deteriorate and the inflammation spread across his body and face I decided not to waste another second. I left my career to dedicate all my time and energy into monitoring Dillons dietary intake for signs of inflammation and damage to his skin.

Dillon’s condition was serious

If I was going to make a difference to his condition I needed to monitor and record his dietary reactions 24/7. From reddening in his skin colour which would indicate the start of a rash developing to bouts of intense scratching which I would go on to learn would mean elevated levels of histamine in his blood stream. These small changes in his skins behaviour were clues that gave me a great insight into his condition and how I would go on to manage his day to day routine.

From the very beginning this was going to be a long and testing process for all of us, individually and as a family. But it was also one that we never gave up on. Intuition was our King, Patience our Queen and Order our backbone.