All About Dillons Diet

Dillons Diet is designed to help you learn how to identify your eczema triggers, how to rebuild your immune system and wipe out the inflammation in your body and gut.


Dillon and I are both eczema sufferers and we both control our symptoms through diet and diet alone. We follow an anti-inflammatory routine that focuses on supporting the immune system and avoiding our triggers.

We keep our skin in an excellent state of repair using recipes that I have created to be both hypo-allergenic and nourishing to our digestive tracts. So if your skin is leaking and flaking and your bedsheets are stained with blood then read on to learn how the information inside this website can change all that.  Click here to get started 

How We Can Help?

What Triggers Eczema

Read how to replace your bad bacteria with the good. Learn how to repair your gut and intestinal lining once you have your flare ups under control.

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Click to find a list of Hypoallergenic meals to inspire your Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack times. We are adding new ideas every week.

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Substitutes & Alternatives

Stay away from eczemas 3 biggest triggers – wheat, dairy & sugar. Learn how you can substitute these food nasties for more kinder alternatives.

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How Your Triggers Are Linked

Eczema sufferers suffer from an immune disorder that is triggered by certain key factors. Click below to learn more about what they are!

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Tables and Charts

Use our tables and charts of information to help you construct a meal plan that is more skin and gut friendly

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Donate through our Go-Fund Me page to help create the first Hypoallergenic Meal brand in the market for children and adults with severe food sensitivities.

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